Twitter user shares photo of Purple Honey from North Carolina and stuns the internet

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of honey? For most of us, it’s a golden, sweet nectar. Almost every food we eat has different varieties available around the world. And some species can also be quite rare and unknown. Recently, a photo went viral, showing a jar of purple honey. Yes, you heard right. In the photo, uploaded to Twitter, a jar full of honey is placed on a slab. When sunlight passes through the jar, the honey is seen to have a purple hue instead of the usual gold. For comparison, we see another jar placed there which contains ordinary golden-colored honey.

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“In the Sandhills of North Carolina, bees produce purple honey. This is the only place on Earth where it can be found,” the caption read. The post aroused the interest of many users on the microblogging platform.

One person seemed curious about the taste of purple honey. “Sweet, how does it taste?” a user asked.

“This is really cool. My grandfather was a beekeeper and I find this fascinating. I wish I could buy purple honey from North Carolina. Gotta try,” one comment read.

One user said, “I want some to try!”

” It’s too good ! Plus the BEST sweet potatoes and collard greens are grown right here in NC,” one person wrote.

“We have a small beehive in the garden. One can taste the different pollens in the different frames of honey. The frames when the curry plants bloom are mildly spicy and have a curry flavor. It’s delicious,” one user shared.

Another user wondered, “That’s pretty glorious. Does it taste different? »

According The news and the observer, purple honey, also called blue honey, is said to be produced by bees in many parts of North Carolina, USA.

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