Simon Doull stands by his controversial statement about Mohammad Rizwan

Former New Zealand cricketer Simon Doull stands by his statement when commenting on Multan Sultans captain Mohammad Rizwan when the wicket-beater keeper initially struggled to get in his innings against the Karachi Kings on Wednesday in the HBL PSL 8.

“I hate to say it, but he just has to go down,” Doull said. “He hits at 109, you have massive power ahead, just get off the pitch, boss. You are the skipper, do what is right for your team. You can’t run both quickly. You are not helping your mate on the other end. I would say just go, get treated, you did your job.

However, the wicket-beater keeper upped the ante after hitting his fifty on 42 balls.

Rizwan created history by taking only 18 bullets to reach his hundred in fifty, completing his century in just 60 bullets. This is the fastest 50-100 acceleration of any Pakistani batter in PSL history.

Doull held his position despite Rizwan accelerating later in the heats.

“There are no bad hundreds, but there are ages in a losing cause. The balls Rizwan wasted early in his innings could have been put to better use,” he said.

The wicket-beater keeper finished with an undefeated 110 runs on 64 balls, to help his side go 196-2 in 20 overs. The Sultans won the game by three points.

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