Najam Sethi slams people asking for free PSL passes

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi has slammed those asking for free Pakistan Super League (PSL) VIP passes, saying most of them can afford to. buy the tickets.

The PCB chief, in response to a tweet, wrote that VIPs demand free passes despite buying power. He added that the free passes are a way for them to confirm their VIP status.

Sethi has repeatedly urged people not to ask him for free PSL passes or jobs for anyone undeserving after taking over as PCB chief.

In an earlier tweet from January 20, the PCB chief asked his friends and personalities “NOT to ask for free tickets/passes for PSL games from next month”.

He added: “The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly which audits the PCB has warned us to desist from this practice.”

Sethi also asked people not to approach him for the inclusion of a player in the team or the employment of an undeserving person.

He wrote: “I also ask friends and high places not to make sifarish for [the] selection of a player or a coach, etc., or to give a job or facilitate a person who does not deserve it. PCB competes with the best professional organizations around the world and cannot afford to be inefficient.”

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