Meghan Markle ‘turns on her first match’ in ‘Burning Bridges’: ‘The domino effect has begun’

Experts have blamed Prince Harry’s antics on Meghan Markle, who they believe was the one who ‘ignited the game’.

This claim was made by royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, during his conversation with Sky News Australia.

She started the conversation by talking about the “domino effect” that Meghan Markle caused and even accused the Duchess of “leading the charge” in anti-royal sentiments, long before Prince Harry joined the ” vindictive”.

She was even quoted saying, “I think it’s hard for anyone to deny that Meghan started burning bridges first.”

“They say there’s this sexism to blame Meghan for everything that happens but Meghan seems to be the domino effect, she blew up her family first.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to call it sexist to look at Meghan Markle and think, ‘Hmm, are you the problem?’ when Harry has never shown this kind of revenge or revenge before.

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