Karol G says she was losing ‘the most precious things’ in her life as her fame exploded

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Karol G is living the best of his career. With nearly 59 million followers on Instagram and 38 million streams of her songs each month, the Colombian singer was one of the most popular Latin artists on Spotify last year.

His clips have been viewed millions of times. Last year, Karol G was the headliner of the famous Coachella festival.

But when she reached new heights in her career last year, Karol G was internally going through a painful breakup with rapper Anuel AA and coping with the pressure that comes with stardom.

“But it’s not just about numbers and lists. It’s difficult because everyone sees that I’m at the peak of my career, but maybe inside I was missing him. the most precious things in my life.Karol G told CBS News.

She said many songs on her new album stem from their split. The album is titled “Mañana Será Bonito” and includes a highly anticipated collaboration with superstar Shakira.

Karol G said she allowed herself to cry and feel sad, and at the same time be hopeful for the future.

Karl G.
Karol G’s music videos have been viewed millions of times and made the headlines at the Coachella festival.

Amy Harris/Invision/AP

“I always try to keep a positive attitude about everything and I talk to myself, all the time. And in all those times, I allowed myself to be sad, I allowed myself, I don’t know, to cry. And many things on my mind but he told me like a mantra in my mind maybe tomorrow will be beautiful“, she said.

Not so long ago, Karol G, born Carolina Giraldo Navarro, was singing on smaller stages: she sang at family parties as a child and at school events in Medellín, Colombia, with the encouragement of his father. There he learned he could have a career doing something he truly loved.

She adopted the stage name “Karol G” after appearing on children’s show The X Factor as a teenager. But he didn’t get very far and his rise to fame was neither easy nor quick.

Karol G, Carolina Giraldo Navarro
Karol G has collaborated with big names including Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj.

Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP

Daunting meetings with record labels and corporate executives followed, leaving her wondering if she could break into a male-dominated reggaeton industry.

Derived from Jamaican reggae and dancehall, reggaeton originated in Panama and later became popular in Puerto Rico. The music placed the woman at the center of the song, but as an object rather than a subject.

“They said to me, ‘Hey, you’re a woman who does reggaeton and it’s not going to happen, but we want your lyrics and that you write for other artists.’ But I was like, ‘No, I don’t want that. I want to write my own songs for my own music. Not for anyone else,” she said.

Eventually she broke through and in 2016 Karol G signed with Universal Music Latino as a reggaeton singer. Two years later, he won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Karol G has collaborated with great musical artists, such as Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj.

She also introduced a new lifestyle to her female fans, coining the term “Bichota” which is to say, the hardest.

Karol G’s lyrics are authentic and spicy, but nevertheless they come from the perspective of female vision.

“We are human. Human beings have the same experiences. Whether we’re male or female, and that’s why I think I connect with people because they find their life in my songs,” said Karl G.

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