‘Financially independent’ Harry slammed for seeking Met Police protection in UK

Financially independent Harry slammed for seeking Met Police protection in UK

Prince Harry has come under fire for demanding Met protection as media speculate whether he will travel to the UK to attend the King’s coronation.

Harry is embroiled in a court battle with the British government which refuses to allow him to pay for his security while in the UK where he believes his family does not feel safe.

Writing for Daily Express, Carole Malone said: ‘The man who told us he wanted to be ‘financially independent’ and fully responsible for himself and his family has spent £300,000 of taxpayers money on take legal action against the government and the Met Police to try to change the law so he can have armed protection from the Met.”

She said: “How dare Harry imagine he was entitled to it! He flew out of this country screaming that he no longer wanted to be a member of the royal family. He took all the responsibilities that come with being a prince, but he wants all the privileges of that position.”

Commenting on the Daily Express, Carole Malone wrote: “The older he gets the more spoiled he is – stamping his feet and chasing people if he doesn’t get his way.”

She added: “When she was alive, the Queen told Prince Harry he couldn’t be a half-half-half royal. Well he chose to be an ‘out’ royal and the loss of his armed protection is a direct result of this. He lost all his rights when he renounced his royal duties and moved to California.”

The writer also advised Harry not to travel to the UK if he thinks his family is in danger.

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