2023 MLB Draft Rankings 1.0 – Kiley McDaniel’s Top 100 Prospects

The college baseball season is officially underway, making it the perfect time to start anticipating the 2023 MLB Draft.

Since this is my first in-depth look at this year’s draft, which takes place July 9-11 in Seattle, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from a strong group, with a strong SEC flavor. . There’s a non-zero chance that conference prospects will be the first five players to leave the roster in July, as they currently make up six of the top seven in my ranking. There is some name, image and likeness/transfer gate influence, as two of the six have transferred into the conference from mid-majors, but it’s also not that surprising that the entire top 10 plays or commits to the SEC and ACC. .

There isn’t a single generational or franchise-like talent in this draft, but this class has a solid top tier of players as well as strong depth in the roster. The prep pitch is the weakest of this year’s class draft demographics, but it’s also still the group with the most polarizing takes between teams on draft day, with the latest move and players more likely to get big bonuses later in the draft.

You can learn more about the Future Value (FV) system, the scouting ladder, and see where these players could be in your team’s top 100 or prospect list. Here is the draft order mlb 2023.

And now let’s rank the top 100, starting with a close battle for first place overall.

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